Review Notes DETAILS


Immediately after a surgical procedure, the used instruments should be kept moist in a towel moistened with sterile water and transported without delay to the decontamination area. Spray or gel as recommended in Manufacturer’s IFU can be used to moisten the used instrument
Note that the instrument cannot be soaked in alcohol, salt water (saline) or any acidic or alkaline solution.
Cleaning and decontamination should occur as soon as possible after instruments and equipment are used to prevent the formation of biofilm
Removing gross soil and moistening of the used instrument should begin at the point of use.
Tap water should never be used to wipe down used instruments because tap water has a high concentration of chloride which may cause rust and pitting
Sterile water is recommended for wiping down instruments
When cleaning instruments, saline water should NOT be used for the final rinse.
Distilled, deionized water or water treated with reverse osmosis is recommended for the final rinse

To protect surgical instruments from corrosion, instrument should be lubricated with instrument milk (lubricant) after they have been mechanically washed and dried and before the sterilization cycle. Instrument with metal-to-metal action like needle holders , retractors and hemostats should be lubricated. Oily lubricants should not be used as they can impact steam penetration during sterilization. Also, WD-40 should not be used as lubricants

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